This official race announcement is a guideline highlighting special technical regulations for the Omaha Cycling Weekend.  All events will be in accordance with the USA Cycling 2012 Rulebook. 

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR THE TIME TRIAL AND ROAD RACE. On-line registration will close at 6:00pm the night before the Road Race and 9 pm the night before the Time Trial.  Go to to register online.  

Race Information

Race Directors:

Nebraska State Road Race Championship 
Craig Tuttle
14922 Hanover Street
Bennington, NE 68007
Cell: (402) 598-6838

Time Trial
Peter Duryea, ph: 402 708-0405, email pduryea at cox dot net
Randy Crist, ph: 402 391-7554, email drcrist at cox dot net

Applicants must pick up their packets and sign a USAC waiver on-site prior to each race.  Race organizers are not responsible for long lines or delays associated with check-in.  Please allow sufficient time prior to your race to pick up your packet.  Please note that sleeveless jerseys are permitted in the time trial but not the road race.  Triathlon bikes are permitted in the time trial but not in the road race.    Triathletes are encouraged to participate in both races but should check with the road race director to make sure their bikes comply with road race rules.  The main issues for road races are no aero bars and no disc wheels; each wheel must have at least 12 spokes.    UCI rules of 3:1 aspect ratio and 5 cm saddle setback will not be checked.   (if you are not sure what that means that’s ok since they will not be observed anyway).  

In the event of low rider turnout, the organizers reserve the right to cancel/combine events and prize lists as necessary or to award prizes to only the top half of each category.

Junior gear restrictions will be strictly enforced (as specified in the USAC 2012 Rulebook).  All junior riders will be subject to a rollout immediately following their competition.

Race result protests must be filed within fifteen minutes of a result posting.  Race incident reports must be filed with a race official within fifteen minutes of the finish of a race.  Race organizers will make every attempt to distribute prizes the day of the race within an hour of posting final results.  In the event a rider does not claim a prize within one month of the event, the prize will be forfeited.

All races will begin promptly as scheduled and will be conducted regardless of weather conditions, unless the officials and race organizers agree to modify and/or cancel a race due to extraordinary circumstances or potentially dangerous weather or road conditions.

Number placement will be on the left side for the RR and right side for the TT..  Please note that the specified location is subject to change the day of the event.  Please verify number location when picking up your race packet prior to each event.

Points will be awarded at all events for the Nebraska Rider of the Year (ROY) series except for the Master’s Categories.  The Nebraska Cycling Association is responsible for calculating points after the conclusion of the weekend.  ROY points will not be calculated by the organizers during the event. Please refer to the official rules for the Nebraska Rider of the Year competition on

No personal or team support vehicles will be permitted in the Time Trial or Road Race.  Neutral wheel support may be provided in the road race on a “wheels in, wheels out” basis.  Wheels should be clearly marked with rider name and race number if neutral support is provided.  All riders must submit wheels to the drop off site at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the first race.  During the road race, a rider should pull off to the right side of the road to receive service.  Wheels should be reclaimed within 30 minutes of the conclusion of each race.

There will be separate races for Masters categories 40+, 50+ and 60+; the race organizers will pay up to three deep for Masters men in each age group category depending on the number of category participants.


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