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Saturday, June 23, 2012 •12:15 p.m. to 4:00p.m.
Start: Staging and neutral rollout will be at Platte River State Park, Louisville, Nebraska.   Racing starts just south of Highway 66 on 334th street.  The finish line is 1/4 mile south of the intersection of Highway 66 and 310th street.   (it is a hilltop finish)
Parking: Platte River State Park, Louisville, Nebraska (park permit is required).  Turn right just after permit station and go to the Fox Hollow area east of the ranger HQ.
Sponsored by:  Sid Dillon Chevrolet, Fremont, NE

Category Start Time Laps *Miles  PrizesField LimitEntry Fee
Men Pro, 1 & 2    12:15 pm       7  70   $1,200       75$35
Men 3             12:15 pm       7  70    $550        75$30
Men 4             12:20pm        6  60    $360        75$30
Women 1, 2, 3     12:20pm        6  60    $360        50$30
Men 40+           12:25pm        5      50    $100        50$30
Men 50+           12:25pm        5      50    $100**      50$30
Men 60+           12:25pm        5 50 $100**      50$30
Men 5, Women 4    12:30pm        4  40Medals       50$25
Juniors                          $20
*Lap count includes the first partial lap from the start line line to the finish line (7 miles).  All other laps are 10 miles each. 
**Prizes for Masters 50+ and 60+ are bonus money; they are also eligible for 40+ prizes.

Prize List $2,950
Category Finish Place Prize ($)
Men 5, Women 4Medals
Men 40+     50, 35, 15
Men 50+     50, 35, 15
Men 60+     50, 35, 15
Women 1, 2, 3   150, 100, 70, 40
Men 4 100, 85, 60, 50, 35, 30
Men 3 175, 125, 100, 75, 50, 25
Men Pro, 1 & 2   350, 275, 225,175, 100, 75  (correction from previous versions) 
Prizes may be limited to the top half of the field.

1. ONLINE: and register online. It is fast, secure and the preferred method of registration by the race organization.  Online registration closes at 6:00pm, Friday June 22, 2012

2. MAIL: Registration may be mailed to Craig Tuttle, 14922 Hanover Street, Bennington, NE 68007.  Mail registrations must be received no later than 5:00pm on June 22, 2012.

3. NO DAY OF REGISTRATION: In order to avoid start list and officiating confusion, the organizers have decided to discontinue day-of registration.


Racers will line up at Platte River State Park south of Louisville, Nebraska, with a neutral rollout until the start line on 334th Street, just south of Hwy 66.  Racers will ride south on 334th street for 6 miles, then turn right (west) onto Church road.  After 2 miles riders will turn north onto 310st St for 6 miles (past the finish line),  then right again onto Highway 66 heading  down into the small town of South Bend.  After a long climb out of the valley racers will turn right (south) again onto 334th street. On the final lap racers will finish on 310th street 1/4 mile south of Highway 66.  It is a hilltop finish, on the highest point of the course.  (The first lap is 7 miles from the start line to the finish line and the rest of the laps are 10 miles each. )   There are two stop signs that will be covered by Sheriff deputies at the NW and SE corners of the course.   Chip timing will be used.  

Prizes and awards will be distributed in the parking lot at Platte River State Park.

There will be one official feed zone just north of the finish line, on 310th street just south of Highway 66.   Neutral hand ups will consist of water only.  Personal or team hand ups are also permitted in the official feed zone.  Hand ups outside the official feed zone are not permitted.

Parking will be available at the Platte River State Park.    The registration sign-in tent and portable toilets will be in the parking lot.

FOOD AND GAS:   There are no services in South Bend.  The nearest towns are Ashland to the west and Louisville to the east, with gas stations and restaurants.  Also, at the NW corner of the course are Round the Bend Steakhouse (opens at 11) and Quarry Oaks Golf Club which has a restaurant that is open to the public for lunch and dinner. The lodge restaurant at Platte River State Park has a breakfast buffet from 8-10:30 and serves lunch from 11-2. 

Craig Tuttle, Race Director
(402) 598-6838 or
14922 Hanover Street
Bennington, NE 68007